Rose Holdaway Midwest Artist

Paintings and assemblage art from Geraldton and the Abrolhos Islands, WA (with a touch of humanity).

Public Art

Quandong Panels- Protea House, Midwest Cancer Centre 

I designed these laser-cut powder-coated aluminium panels (10 of) to provide privacy screening to the new Protea House residential facility at the Geraldton Regional Hospital, while also maintaining a visual narrative link with the Midwest Cancer Centre.
Builder: Crowthers Building Co
Completion Date: May 2018

Official Launch: June 2018

Location: Geraldton Regional Hospital

The Quandong Trail, Geraldton Cancer Centre

In 2016 I was commissioned to create the public artwork for the new Geraldton Cancer Centre at the Geraldton Hospital.
My theme was the Quandong Tree and the rebated acrylic paint and laser-cut steel artwork covers three walls on the northern facade and also the east facing entry. The commonly used word ‘quandong’, originates from the Wiradjuri language in NSW. Its name is ‘Warlgu’ in our local Wadjarri. Quandong trees were once fairly common on undeveloped tracts of land within the boundaries of Geraldton, but have become scarce in recent times. Sadly most have been removed to make way for new buildings, roads and the railway line, including those originally situated to the rear of the Geraldton Regional Hospital and the new Cancer Centre site, and many more which made way for the Northwest Coastal Highway ring road and Port access. Quandongs were used as both a food source and medicinal aid for Yamaji people in times past. Ripe red quandong fruits were eaten raw or dried for later use.

Architect: Craig Poletti, Terry Baker (Eastman, Poletti and Sherwood)

Completion Date: November 2016

Official Launch: November 2016

Location: Geraldton Regional Hospital


Community Portraits, West-end Vibrancy Initiative

In 2014 I was one of several artists to be commissioned by the City of Geraldton to enliven the West End area of the CBD with street art. My art piece (on the frontage of the Mens Shed) involved community consultation, where I talked to West End regulars and painted portraits utilising imagery of personal likes and aspirations. There are five panels featuring ten local identities.

Completion Date: December 2014

Location: 192 Marine Terrace, Geraldton


'Moth Egg'
Acrylic on opal perspex LED lamp
600 x 430 mm approx
City of Perth Easter Feaster 2014

Flight, Centro Stirlings, Geraldton


In 2013 I was one of the winners of the Centro Stirlings Public Art Project. My painting ‘Flight’ was reproduced for the western façade of the new development.

Completion Date: November 2013

Location: Centro Stirlings Building, Chapman Road, Geraldton


Donor Memorial Fountain Entry and Paving Artwork, Marina Park, Geraldton


In August 2012 I was commissioned by the Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health, to design and create the entry statement artworks, signage and paving details for the Donor Memorial Fountain situated at the Marina Park, part of the Geraldton Foreshore. The rose is the symbol of the Organ Donation Foundation.

Special considerations were that the site is exposed to sea breezes, beach sand and salt air.


Architect: Bruce Sherwood (Eastman, Poletti and Sherwood)

Completion Date: November 2012

Official Launch: December 2012

Location: Marina Park, Geraldton Foreshore

'Bush Twig Spheres'
made with the assistance of Yr 9 students
Nagle Catholic College Geraldton
at Nukara Farm
'TCBDhere Is No Planet B'
Laneways Project